Matchmaking by Friends4You

We believe that finding your Perfect Match is even easier and more reliable with our MatchMaker and Friends4You Premium Service.

That is why we have engineered a premium Matchmaking System which uses both the Friends4You MatchMaker and your personal preferences, to effectively calibrate your compatibility and suggest potential matches that suit you. Your beliefs and wishes are important factors to consider when searching for a partner. This exciting, affirming and easy-to-use process is internationally proven to find more reliable matches online than you would find anywhere else.

The Perfect Match is no Coincidence

The Friends4You principle believes that an ideal partner has as many common traits, ideals, beliefs, and aspirations as possible, with a handful of compatible differences. The secrets to matchmaking a couple in a happy relationship lie within our MatchMaker. Based on years of research into successful, scientifically-based matchmaking we are profiling Friends4You members and establish who they are likely to be compatible with and thus could sustain a happy relationship with.

The MatchMaker

Our MatchMaker Test is a questionnaire that you complete as part of your Friends4You registration. The test only takes three minutes, and endeavours to find out about you, your everyday habits and preferences in a partner. The idea behind the Friends4You MatchMaker Test is to establish a member’s lifestyle compatibility – for example, lifestyle, habits and interests are already matched as well as your own chosen preferences in looks and other information that is important to you.