Your safety and security

Online dating with Friends4You is centred on finding a partner who is ideal for you. The Friends4You MatchMaker allows us to make sure that you are only matched with individuals who you are compatible with.

Online dating with Friends4You is centred on finding a partner who is ideal for you. The Friends4You MatchMaker allows us to make sure that you are only matched with individuals who you are compatible with.

Security online

The anonymity and sensitive information of Friends4You members is kept safe. We will never divulge any of your information – or any data that may be used in identifying you – to other Friends4You members. In addition, we will never divulge any of your data to third parties without your explicit permission.

Friends4You members are displayed as their occupation and age – for example “Business Analyst, 29”. All contact through Friends4You will use this identification instead of members’ names. Sharing your full name, residence, contact information (outside of Friends4You, etc.) is completely at the discretion of Friends4You members.

We ensure that all Friends4You members on our database share the same goal: finding their Perfect Match. Each profile is hand-checked, ensuring that none of our members are individuals who may abuse our service.

Safety guidelines for communicating online

  1. Do not give your information to another member in the first message you share. We advise that you do not share your personal information on your profile and reserve giving privileged information to other members until the third or fourth message shared – if you feel comfortable.
    Remember that you should never feel obligated to give out your personal information on Friends4You.
  2. While getting to know other members, make use of the Friends4You secure communication channels at first. This way you can become comfortable with other members before communicating with them without the anonymity protection on Friends4You.
  3. If you are very private, you may want to set up a separate e-mail address specifically for your contact with other Friends4You members. Free webmail services like Gmail or Hotmail are ideal for this and can still protect your anonymity.
  4. Using a mobile phone to talk to members you are interested in is safer and more convenient than using a landline. If you change your mind about the individual you have been communicating with, you can always block their number. Also, remember that landline can be used to trace your address.
  5. You can stop contact instantaneously on the Friend4You website. Communication on Friends4You is meant to be safe and positive – if you feel that another member is making you uncomfortable, we suggest that you cease contact with them. Deleting a contact on the Friends4You site means that that person can no longer contact you via Friends4You. If you feel like someone is abusing the communication system on Friends4You, please do not hesitate to contact us or report the User. Your comfort and safety is very important to us.

Safety guidelines for meeting other members

  1. Meet other members in a neutral, public and busy setting that you know well. If it makes you feel more comfortable, choose a place that is a little way away from home.
  2. Never arrange for your date to pick you up from your home.
  3. Do not accept or attend arrangements, made by another member, at hotel or private accommodation.
  4. Let a trustworthy friend or family member know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  5. Give this friend or family member the details of the person you are meeting with.
  6. During your date, give your friend or family member a call to assure them that you are alright.
  7. Go on a group date or double date to mediate new relationships. Include couples that you know, and couple that you date knows.
  8. Keep in mind that face-to-face contact is very different from e-mail and messaging contact. You may feel as though you know your date well because you have been chatting for a while, but you will find that there is much more to learn and get to know about them in person.
  9. Never accept a lift home if you feel uncomfortable.
  10. Remember to always have a back-up plan. Make sure that you can leave quickly and easily if something unexpected or something that makes you uncomfortable happens. Choose a spot to meet close to people who can help you if you need it.
  11. Always take a cell phone with you – and make sure that it is working properly and is fully charged. If you feel that it is rude or inappropriate, you can always turn the cell phone off during the date.
  12. Take your time when getting to know someone. You should both be moving at a pace that suits you as individuals – neither of you should ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If your date is really interested in you, they will be happy to wait if you feel like you need more time to get to know them than they do.
    Always trust your gut – never do something you would normally feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing.

Safety guidelines for avoiding fraud and scams

Unlike the majority of Friends4You members, who are genuinely interested in finding someone to share their lives with, there may be individuals who are dishonest about their intentions. Friends4You hand-checks each account, makes sure that all personal data is kept private, and ensures that all payments are secure. However you may find yourself in contact with one of these devious individuals.

These individuals are known as scammers. They pose as genuine members and seek to find their way past security measures to try to obtain money or personal information from you. Please read our guidelines below to identify and deal with scammers.

Identifying online scammers

  1. Their photos may look suspicious – generally scammers use stock photography, so their profile pictures may be professionally shot, posed, and made-up.
  2. Your contact with the person will generally be focused on not answering your questions, but will most often convey an increasing attraction to you that does not seem part of the natural process of attraction.
  3. Professions used by scammers are often typically “trustworthy” careers – like doctors, police officers, engineers, etc. – but these individuals will not communicate or act is a way that seems likely of these professions.
  4. In addition, which ties into the above point, scammers may be identified by terrible spelling and grammar (which makes identifying the difference between genuine members and scammers in careers that generally require accurate communication).
  5. Scammers generally use emotional stories, which will end in requiring your help to finance them in some way, to coerce you into helping them. Guard yourself against this – you may feel sympathetic but remember that Friends4You is an online dating platform, not a place to be asking for help. Other genuine members know and respect this too. Pet names are often used very early on with scammers to make you feel closer and more affectionate towards them.
  6. Scammers will often try to get your details for instant messaging very soon. Generally, unless you feel comfortable sharing your instant messaging detail with some and none of the warning signs above have been flagged, you should not give these details.

Dealing with online scammers

  1. Let us know of any suspicious activity by clicking on the “Report This Profile” button on the member’s profile page.
  2. Do not send money to any individuals on the internet unless you have met them personally and are certain that they are not scammers
  3. Remember that if you are weary of a member on Friends4You, you can always delete them from your contact list and stopped communication between you and that member instantly.

Identifying online fraud

  1. Any information about job offers on Friends4You is found under the Careers Page. You will not be contacted via the secure Friend4You communication channels.
  2. Do not engage with individuals offering jobs on Friends4You. This is another method of scamming which often results in “paying it forward” at the end of a fraudulent hiring process. Friends4You does not offer any job opportunities. If you are offered a job on Friends4You please report this to us immediately.